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LibreCAD is a program that it's very helpful for users who work on projects that require CAD drawings, as well as integrating templates or importing and exporting different items. One important aspect, that worths taking into consideration is that is free, being an open-source program, one that is easy to download, install and use.

Despite being an open-source program, it does have an enjoyable and straightforward interface. Because the GUI was built on Qt4 libraries, it can operate on various platforms without altering its look and performance. The main theme is a nice mixture of grey, black and green nuances, with well-crafted icons and descriptive menus.

LibreCAD supports multiple export formats, such as DXF, LFF, CXF, DDS, ICNS, PBM, PNG, ICO, BMP, SVG, TIFF, as well as import formats, like DXF, LFF, JWW, BMP, FIF, JPG, PPM, SVG, WBMP or TGA.

Besides its numerous support formats, it's able to measure the angle between two lines, the total length, or can help users to calculate the distance from a point to an entity.

Moreover, with LibreCAD you can perform actions like copy, align, rotate, scale, trim elements, or add circles, ellipses, text boxes and points to your drawings.

In conclusion, LibreCAD offers powerful drawing and editing tools, and though it cannot generate 3D models or georeferencing of realized vectors, it's still one of the best free solutions to choose from.

John Saunders
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  • Supports various import and export formats
  • Measures the angle between two lines
  • Allows users to trim elements, add circles or ellipses


  • Doesn't support 3D models
  • Georeferencing of realized vectors isn't possible
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